New Menu Items Every Week



INFo on ordering


Our weekly menu is posted Online Every Wednesday

(We have a different menu every week!)

We have Sunday pick ups from 9am to 8pm and Monday from 10am to 8pm

 Lunch And Dinner Meals

10 Meal Minimum Requirement

Standard Portion (4oz. Protein/25gm of Carbs/Veggies) for $7.50 plus tax

Orders must be submitted by Thursday Before Midnight

How To Order

Simply choose our MacroFit 10 ($81) /

15 ($119.50)  Meal Mixture Combination


Customize Each Meal

(Pick your own Protein Portion)

Select two sides (Carbs & Veggies)


Macrofit Vegan 5 mixture combination

* Sold in a 5 Meal Combination (More Menu Options Available) 

All of our meals are made fresh to order. We don't keep our food frozen in a refrigerator waiting for someone to buy it. Why settle for boring "meal prep" when you can enjoy the convenience and variety of Lean Meals!